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Our campus layout is explained below.

The Administration Building supports service-related functions which in turn support clinical and residential operations. Examples of such functions include human resources, business services, training, and food services.

Administration Building
Administration Building front entrance

The Roger Amos McMurtry School, accredited by the Mississippi Department of Education, houses four classrooms, library, and activity room. Residents follow an educational curriculum centered on the academic needs of each individual student that may include a high school diploma, MOD (Mississippi Occupational Diploma), Life Skills Diploma or the GED program. The agency's educational staff consists of teachers and a school administrator who are all certified by Mississippi's Department of Education.

Roger Amos McMurtry School
School classroom
School library
School library

Residents maintain an active and healthy lifestyle by participating in recreational activities such as basketball and kickball. These activities along with other events such as celebrations and receptions take place in the agency's Gym. The Gym includes an abbreviated basketball court and recreation room.

Gym interior

Residential buildings are where residents actually live. These buildings include a dayroom for residents to socialize, watch television, play games, and interact with on-duty staff. In the back half of each residential building is a dining room and small kitchen. Residents rotate duties in assisting with minor meal preparation and cleaning. Residents are also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their own rooms. At the center of each residential building is a nurses' station where staff are located to monitor and assist residents.

One of three residential buildings
A residential building hallway
A residential building hallway
A residential building hallway near the nurses' station

A residential building hallway
A residential building dayroom
A residential bedroom
A residential bedroom
A residential bedroom
Nurses' station of a residential building



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